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Winner of the 'Mengelberg Conducting Award’ 2023. This is an appreciation for my work as a conductor in recent years. Linked to this award is also a cash sum of CHF 10.000,- to invest in my conducting career. Beside the ‘Willem Mengelberg Stiftung’, I would also like to thank all the musicians, with whom I have been able to work together in beautiful productions; without you this would not have been possible!

The jury said the following:

"The board of directors of the Swiss ‘Willem Mengelberg Stiftung’ is highly impressed by the Dutch conductor Michael Engelbrecht: Michael has an extraordinary conducting talent, with a clear and precise technique in communicating with an orchestra. Also, his interaction with musicians makes him very effective in conveying his musical vision of a score to the members of an orchestra. The board is also positive over his broad orientation with respect to repertoire: he feels at home with widely varying sorts of music. His background as a brass player is clearly audible in his attention for the lower sections of the orchestra, resulting in interpretations with a strong feeling for momentum and a warm orchestral sound."

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